Earthquake here in Chile

Feb 27, 2010 | |

As news tells all over the world, there was earthquake here in chile, I was on the beach at a party when started at 3.30 am, reaching a level of 8.5, all the people very scared, causing serious problems through out my country. It was my first earthquake in my life and sooooo big.
Such a pity, I hope that everything get better, with aftershocks and tsunami warnings, I returned to the city for safety with my family
, good luck to all!.

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Beach Weekend

Feb 23, 2010 | |

The past weekend I went to the beach with my friends, so relaxing, sun, beach and party at night. With an original 80` swimsuit which is quite comfortable, purchased for just $2 in a vintage store. I hope i can repeat it again this weekend.

the vintage bikini
the home

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Karl Lagerfeld t-shirt

Feb 17, 2010 | |

I must say that I love this designer, his works, his style. This is my Karl Lagerfeld t-shirt which I love, is comfortable and beautiful, of course black as it should be for this designer!. It is produced by a fashion designer here in my country. Now that temperature is going down the days are better, I hope the autumn comes right now! least i can go to the beach in weekend, i hope!.

Sorry for the bad photod they`re takn quickly with the computer!


R.I.P Alexander McQueen

Feb 11, 2010 | |

We had a big lost today, a great designer so young and talented. His work and imagination was amazing, and we saw it in collections throught this years. We can remember his last collections with those amazing shoes which were named in every blog in the world, he was adored by everybody, such a pity.
Still not reported because it was, rest in peace McQueen! we gonna miss you!