Karl Lagerfeld t-shirt

Feb 17, 2010 | |

I must say that I love this designer, his works, his style. This is my Karl Lagerfeld t-shirt which I love, is comfortable and beautiful, of course black as it should be for this designer!. It is produced by a fashion designer here in my country. Now that temperature is going down the days are better, I hope the autumn comes right now!...at least i can go to the beach in weekend, i hope!.

Sorry for the bad photod they`re takn quickly with the computer!



6roove said...

great tee
i like your hair, so natural

Sandra said...

Snygg tee!!

AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

Love the tee! It looks almost glow-in-the-dark, is it?

ps- it's almost Spring here and I can't wait for warmer weather ;)

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Awesome tee! I love Karl Lagerfeld! xoxoxoxoxo

My stylediary said...

haha, love your tee !

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Gem said...

That shirt is super cool!